Monday, September 28, 2009


You're it!

Pablo Francisco

Erika gave me two tickets to Pablo Francisco for my birthday. As the gentleman I am I desided to bring her with me. We had a fantastic night and Pablo is still the master of comedy!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last day

This is the last day of our vacation. We went to our summer house. The weather was wonderful and we had a small BBQ and did some bathing in the lake. I even found some chanterelles that we cooked.


The sky made this spectacular view tonight. It looks almost like a face, don't you think?


Today Erikas brother Kenneth got married. It was a wonderful event and the sun was shining. This is Erika with her brother having a dance. Thanks Kenneth and Lina and congratulations!


This is the bridge you drive over to get to and from Öland. It's more than 6 km long.


This is from the port in Borgholm, the largest town on Öland. Pretty nice boats.